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Prostofine is a scientifically formulated blend with massive doses of saw palmetto extract and other important herbal extracts to provide you with maximum prostate health. Its specifically designed as a treatment for a swollen prostate gland, or benign prostatic hyper- trophy (BPH). this issues generally plagues 1 out of every 2 men over the age of 60 years.

BPH is not a cancerous growth of the prostate. If the prostate grows in the older generation of man it pinches the urethra, or urine tube, and from there the problems begin, including very painful urination, and a lot of night time trips to the toilet.

90 capsles per bottle (take two capsules a day)

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What's the science behind this product?
Enlarged prostate (BPH) is thought to be caused by an increase in the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the prostate. DHT stimulates the production of prostate cells. Excessive formation of DHT leads to overproduction and enlargement of the prostate (hyperplasia). Another factor is the presence of estrogen which inhibits the elimination of DHT. There are several reported mechanisms of action of Prostofine for use in treating BPH. That includes inhibition of DHT production, inhibition of the binding of DHT to its receptors and promoting its breakdown.

You should start with two capsules a day, until you notice improvements then can reduce to one capsule a day. Most people will see a improvement after about 1 month but we recommend that you take it for at least 3 further months at a lower dose of one capsule a day.

Should I be worried about side effects?
Usually you will not experience any unpleasant side effects if you take as we directed, however on the very rear occasions, some men may experience: Nausea, dizziness, decreased sex drive, and loss of appetite, unusual or unexplained bruising or bleeding, an unexplained rash, and wheezing or difficulty breathing. If you experience any side effects stop taking immediately and contact your heath care professional.

prostofine ingredients?
Each pill contains a perfected blended formula of Saw Palmetto, stinging nettle, & pumpkin seed extracts.