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Are you waking up with more hair on your pillow than on your head? a lot of hair loss starts to develops when the level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp is too high. Dihydrotestosterone attaches itself to the hair follicles, pretty much smothering it, limiting the amount of nutrients they can extract from blood. The follicles gradually shrink as it is starved from the nutrients they require to remain healthy, and the hair growing from the starved follicles becomes thinner. If you don't act on this and nothing is done to treat this condition, the hair disappears completely, and cannot be reversed.

Hair Again works by decreasing the level of DHT in the body, and supply all the necessary nutrients to the hair follicles. In turn it will reverse hair loss and improve the overall health of your hair.

90 capsules per bottle (take one – two capsules daily)

Select a Size:

To start the course the dose is 2 capsules daily. We recommend to take Hair Again for at least 6 months, even if all of your hair has been restored. You can lower the dose to 1 capsule daily once your hair has regrown. If you notice your hair starting to thin again, This means your DHT levels are increasing and in such case you must take a repeat course.

What does it do?
To prevent and treat most forms of hair loss, the level of DHT in the body must be decreased. Hair Again will naturally block the conversion of free testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. It has similar mechanism of action to prescription drugs such as finasteride (Propecia), but it does not have the negative side effects associated with finasteride and other doctor prescribed drugs. Hair again contains DHT prohibitors and nutrients specifically targeted at the hair follicles.

When will I see results?
Hair Again will start working almost straight away, one thing to keep in mind is the growing of hair is a slow process, so visible results may not be noticeable for 3 months, however you will notice hair loss will start decreasing after 14 days.

Fine herbal blended extracts of:

  • Saw palmeto extract (PE 25%)
  • Ginkgo biloba extract (PE 24%,6%)
  • Panax Ginseng extract (PE 20%)
  • Gotu kola extract (PE 30%)
  • Nettle root extract (PE 10:1)